Reframing Research


1. Research Using Bolman and Deal's Four-Frame Model

A list of studies and dissertations that use or test reframing concepts. 

2.  Using Leadership Orientations for Research  (This includes data on the reliability of the instruments.)

  In the 1980s, Terry Deal and I developed a survey instrument, Leadership Orientations, to measure individuals' orientations toward leading through each of the  four frames (structural, human resource, political and symbolic) that we developed originally in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

   The instruments are copyrighted, and you must have explicit, written permission to use them.  We routinely grant such permission at no charge for non-commercial, research use, subject to two conditions: 

(1) The researcher agrees to provide us with a copy of any reports, publications, papers or theses resulting from the research.

(2) The researcher also promises to provide, if we request it, a copy of the data file from the research.

3.  Link to Leadership Orientations, Self and Other