Reframing Organizations Teaching Resources


This site contains a variety of materials intended to support instructors using Reframing Organizations.   Many of these materials are copyrighted, but instructors in college and university courses are granted automatic permission to use the materials and to make copies for their students, on condition that all copies carry the copyright notice and author credits.   For questions about permission for other uses, write to Lee Bolman.   Use the same address to submit questions, comments, or suggestions. 


NEW ONLINE FRAMES SELF-RATING INSTRUMENT:  Our quick self-rating Leadership Orientations survey has been reformatted into an on-line version.  You, your students, friends, relatives and anyone else can fill out the instrument online and get immediate feedback on frame preferences.  No cost and no obligation  (though we can't guarantee that no one at Wiley will ever  decide, "Hey, we should try to monetize this thing!")  Click here to access the instrument.

NOW AVAILABLE!  The 5th edition of Reframing Organizations is out in both print and digital versions at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.   The Updated Instructor's Guide is available at the Wiley instructor's site.   The Instructor's Manual, Powerpoint slides and a test bank for the prior 4th edition are still on-line at the Wiley companion site. 

Powerpoint slides for 4th edition are also available here.  (The instructor's manual is no longer on this site -- you'll have to go to Wiley for that.  Links to the Wiley sites for both 4th and 5th editions are on this page and in the side navigation bar.  We were getting complaints from two directions -- users who didn't want the instructor's guide on a public site where students could find it, and the publisher's legal department.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  In a pinch, send me an email.)